PolarAir provides some of the most comprehensive duct cleaning services. We feature the Rotobrush air duct cleaning system, which has been the air duct industry leader for almost 20 years. Our technicians keep up with the latest advances in Rotobrush technology, and we believe this system provides some of the most effective and efficient air duct cleaning for homeowners.

In today’s air-tight homes, indoor air quality is a growing concern. Most household dust contains mites, mold, mildew, pollen and animal dander. Many of these contaminants are circulated through the central air systems in the home and can aggravate the symptoms of asthma and allergies. The ROTOBRUSH® air duct cleaning system is the only one available that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals such as sealers. You are left with the assurance of fresh, clean and virtually contaminant-free air in your home and office.

Rotobrush’s powerful patented brush–and–vacuum method and removable pod design allows our qualified technicians to get to the most hard to reach places. Homeowners prefer Rotobrush 2 to 1 over the competing air duct cleaning systems, and our customers are always pleased with the results. If you want the most comprehensive duct cleaning for your home, call us today and ask about our quality products and air duct cleaning services.

Flex Duct cleaning using the patented Rotobrush® System .

  • Layers of dust, grime, and miniscule particles – accumulate in your ducts and are forced out into the air you breathe.
  • This is an efficient way to clean your household and commercial air distribution systems.
  • Real time video feed using a remote camera allows you to watch and see the patented Rotobrush® System cleaning in progress.
  • A mechanically powered duct cleaning device (with attached camera) scrubs and cleans and is gentle to the flex duct system. It agitates and vacuums, at point of contact, removing dust, bacteria, mold and other debris leaving your home with a cleaner air distribution system and, as a result, cleaner air.
  • The brushes can accommodate duct size from 4 inch to 24 inches

The Polar Air Ltd Cleaning Process.

  1. Clean and sanitize all register and covers removing cooking oil film, nicotine film and other dust collecting substances.
  2. Deep clean the Heat exchanger system, filters, heat recovery core, and drainage pan.
  3. Removal of supply and exhaust air ducting to exterior for cleaning and re-installation.
  4. Inspect, brush, and vacuum clean every duct in your home with the exclusive Rotobrush® removing allergy and disease causing contaminants that would otherwise remain in your air duct system and your home.
  5. Finish the process by reinstalling registers and covers, and checking your system operations.