Heat Recovery Ventilator Rebate

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To help you take advantage of the benefits of a high efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), takeCHARGE is offering a $175 rebate to reduce the cost of upgrading to a more efficient system. A more efficient unit can save you up to $1,000* in heating costs over its lifetime.


Three Easy Steps to Savings

  1. Purchase and install your HRV
    • Make sure you choose a qualified 70% or higher sensible heat-recovery efficiency (SRE) HRV.
    • Have it installed by a HRAI certified HRV installer.
    • Submit a copy of your receipt(s) dated on or after Sept. 15, 2013 with the application form.
  2. Complete the HRV Rebate Application
  3. Submit your application and receive your rebate
    • Submit your signed HRV Rebate application form to your electricity provider along with a copy of the receipt(s) for the purchase of your high efficient HRV unit.
    • You should receive your rebate as a credit on your electricity bill within eight weeks. Your electricity provider may conduct a post-installation inspection up to 15 months after receipt.


Is my Home Eligible?

To qualify for the takeCHARGE HRV rebate program:

  • You must be the homeowner and the home has an active electricity account.
  • Your home is detached, semi-detached or mobile/modular on a permanent foundation and intended as a residence.
  • All homes, regardless of heating fuel or age of the home, qualify for a rebate
  • The HRV system must be installed by a HRAI certified installer. ( PolarAir is fully certified )
  • Unit rebated must be listed on utility generated list of qualified units. Qualifying HRV model numbers
  • HRVs must have been purchased on or after September 15, 2013.